2018 Lincoln Sox Tryout Information

2020 Lincoln Sox Tryouts

Welcome to the 2020 Lincoln Sox Tryouts!

  • The Lincoln Sox are sponsoring baseball teams ages 8-14 for the 2020 season.
  • USSSA, the sanctioning body with which the Lincoln Sox select baseball teams are associated, establishes the age classifications for the league. The cutoff date is May 1st, which means that your child's age on April 30th is the youngest age your child can play with one exception.  A recently added USSSA rule allows a player to play with his grade even if his birth-date is before the age cutoff date.
  • PLAYER FEES:  All age groups - $800 for automatic/electronic payment or a single check turned in during the commitment timeframe, or $900 for multiple or late manual payment (check or cash).  The difference in cost is to cover the additional accounting labor and cost, as well as the organization's time involved with tracking manual payments.  Automatic/electronic payments can be set up when you accept a roster spot on the team via www.lincolnsoxbaseball.com.  You can use a credit card, or a debit card used as a credit card.  You cannot set up automatic payments as a direct debit from your checking account.

One-time full payment ($800):  

A single transaction for the entire $800 annual player fee that will occur immediately.

Automatic payment schedule ($800):

  1. $100 non-refundable commitment fee due immediately upon acceptance of a roster spot.
  2. $100 per month for 6 months starting from the date of the commitment fee.

Manual payment schedule ($900):

  1. $300 non-refundable commitment fee due immediately upon acceptance of a roster spot.
  2. $300 due by the uniform try-on date, typically in late October.
  3. Remaining balance ($300) due December 10.
  • The funds generated via player fees go toward uniforms, tournament fees, umpires, sanction fees, team insurance, and various organizational operating expenses. Your individual team may need to do some additional fundraising activities and obtain sponsorships to support the number of games and tournaments your team chooses to schedule.
  • If you have any questions regarding costs or expected support of your son's team, please feel free to ask any of our coaches or contact the Lincoln Sox at lincolnsox@gmail.com