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Welcome to Lincoln Sox Baseball

The mission of the Lincoln Sox Baseball organization is to provide competitive opportunities for youth baseball players in Lincoln and surrounding communities, and to instill proper fundamentals and sound mechanics that prepare young players for high school and college levels of play.

Our goal as an organization is to teach sportsmanship, self-discipline, and teamwork. Coaches within the Sox Baseball program further develop each player's skills and abilities, and in doing so, build the player's character on and off the field, which in turn become lifelong traits for each player.

Most of all, the Sox organization strives to develop a passion and a love for the game within each player so that someday they are able to pass that love for the game on to others. We pride ourselves on having a strong sense of community among all the players, coaches, and families.

3rd Annual Parents' Night

Our 3rd annual Sox Parents’ Night was on Saturday, January 20st, downstairs at Brewsky’s in the Haymarket. By all accounts, everyone had a great time, and many stayed for the dueling piano show.  Remember that your Brewsky’s loyalty cards will work indefinitely, and anything you spend at any Brewsky’s location throughout the year will earn your team account 10% of the total sale.  Here is the list of winners:

  • $600  Tori Anderson
  • $400  Jeff Nichols
  • $200  Ami Heffelfinger
  • $200  Joe Mick
  • $100  Alan Johnson
  • $100  Brady Christiansen
  • $100  Pat Strizek
  •   $50  Susanne Sedoris
  •   $50  Bill England
  •   $50  Becky Smith
  •   $50  Brixon Meyer
  •   $50  Scott George
  •   $50  Scott Papenhagen
  • $187  Landon Meyer (50/50 winner)

2019 Sox Tryouts

The times, dates & locations for the Lincoln Sox 2019 baseball team tryouts will be announced soon.  Please stop back for more information!

2018 Apparel Store

The Sox online team apparel store is closed for the season.  Limited t-shirts can be made available at The Locker Room on 56th & Hwy 2.

Give to Lincoln Sox Baseball

If you purchase anything on Amazon.com, use and save the link below to your favorites.  It's the same as the Amazon.com site, but it links your purchases to Lincoln Sox, Inc.  As a 501(c)(3) organization, Amazon.com will donate 0.5% of your purchases to the Lincoln Sox.  This is a win-win since nothing changes for you, and now your Amazon purchases will benefit Lincoln Sox Baseball. Thank you!